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The reverence of Pelor is very common in the Flanaess, regardless of the race dominant in the region. The Sacred Church of Pelor, then, is one of the more powerful of the Good churches, competing mainly with those of Rao, Heironeous, and St. Cuthbert. Church doctrine depends widely among what sect is strongest in the area.

Temples to Pelor are often very large, with high ceilings. There is always a relatively clear area surrounding the temple. Services are never held before the sun reaches a certain point in the sky, when the building is flooded with light. Unnatural lights are, as a rule, only lit during services when the sun is not available. The temples are beautiful and ingeniously designed to keep as much sun in as possible.

Certain cults have services in the "ancient tradition", which is an open plain or a carved ampitheater. City- and town-based members of the Order of the Rising Sun tend to give sermons from sunny spots on the street.

The services of Pelor's church are never solemn occasions. It is considered proper and reverential to stand fully and lift one's arms up toward the sun while singing a joyous hymn. Even on somber days, the priests of Pelor (who must have Singing proficiency) can lift the spirits of their followers. Godsday for a Pelor worshipper is a day of charity, giving one's time and effort to aiding others.

The Church of Pelor goes by the credo, "Aid those in need before all else." The true divisions in the Church come when priests disagree on what way helps those in need the most. The Order of the Rising Sun is the most militaristic in outlook, whereas the Brotherhood of the Healing Hand is the most charitable and altruistic. All of them honestly mean good, whatever their methods may be.

The three major strata of rank in the Pelorite Church are the Diskbearers (deacons), Cupbearers (priests), and Lightbearers (bishops). Above Lightbearers are the Sunwatchers (archbishops). PC priests should start as Diskbearers or Cupbearers and work their way up.

Sects and Cults
Within the Sacred Church are a number of cults. The largest and most influential of these is the Order of the Open Hand, which stresses charity in its aims. The up-and-coming Order of the Rising Sun is the most militant of the cults. The Brotherhood of the Disk is perhaps the most conservative of the cults, holding services in the old ampitheaters and singing hymns only in Flan. The Brotherhood of the Healing Hand focuses on the healer aspect of the sun god, and has a considerable influence. The Healers, as they are called, are popular because they open a form of hospitals.

The central church is somewhat disapproving of these cults, especially the Rising Sun, which is critical of general inaction by the Sunwatchers' Curia.

Sunwatcher Gadael is probably the most powerful member of the Curia. He is somewhat conservative, and does not want to see the Church turn from its current course. By no means does he approve of the Order of the Rising Sun.

Sunwatcher Tevriem, second only to Gadael, is somewhat more liberal and accepting of change in the overall Church. He is more appreciative of the cults encompassing the whole range of the church's ideology.